Sushi Combo


Tuna (1 pc), salmon (1 pc), yellowtail (1 pc), shrimp (1 pc) with California roll (4 pcs) 12.00

Sashimi Combo


Assorted sashimi (6 pcs) with California roll (4 pcs)

Roll Combo


Your choice of two basic rolls:
(California Roll | Philly Roll | Salmon Skin Roll | Shrimp Tempura Roll | Spicy Salmon Roll | Spicy Tuna Roll | Spider Roll | Unagi Roll)

Poke Bowl


Your choice of tuna or salmon served with avocado, seaweed salad, mango and cucumber on top of sushi rice in sweet sesame sauce


Beef Tataki


Pan-seared beef tenderloin and served with scallion, kaiware, drizzled in ponzu sauce

Crispy Tuna Tataki


Seaweed-wrapped tuna, tempura-fried, served with wasabi cream sauce

Razor's Sashimi


Razor-thin sashimi served with house special sauce

Salmon Oasis


Salmon wrapped with avocado and jalapeno topped with kiwi and served with spicy mayo and wasabi cream

Sashimi Appetizer


Chef's choice assorted sashimi

Tuna Tataki


Pan-seared tuna and served with scallion, kaiware and ponzu sauce

Tuna Tower


Tuna tartare on top of sushi rice, avocado and crab mix with fish eggs

Yellowtail Heaven


Sashimi-styled yellowtail, topped with jalapeno and cilantro served with ponzu and spicy sauce