Looking for Authentic Chinese Food?

Choose Meso Asia in Frisco, TX

Are you ready to try something different? Visit Meso Asia for authentic Chinese cuisine. Our chef prepares fresh Chinese meals with high-quality ingredients. We have a different chef for each Asian cuisine we offer, so you're getting skillfully crafted food.

Chinese Restaurant in Frisco, TX

We're always cooking up something special

Our chef grew up in Taiwan, so you know you're getting Authentic Chinese food when you eat at Meso Asia. Choose from a wide range of classic Chinese dishes, including:

  • Kung Pao chicken
  • General Tso's chicken
  • Mongolian beef

Browse our menu today, and call 469-388-1115 to make a reservation. You can also reserve a table online. Check out our lunch specials, or bring the whole family in for dinner. Get an authentic Chinese food experience at Meso Asia in Frisco, TX.